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Our client, the owner and CEO of the ABC Company asked: How do we continue to grow in a smart way, keep key employees, and provide those employees what they need? I also need to plan for my exit someday.

How we helped: We have worked with this client for a number of years. His question came up during a normal financial review of his personal financial plan. We were discussing the 8 Wealth Management Issues to make sure there were no new gaps to address. When we reached #7 called Business Planning, his question was heavy on his heart. As our discussion progressed we helped him define more clearly his concerns and goals for the company and for himself. Then we went to work to help him. We will continue to dialog to help him fine tune and address his business and personal goals.

  • Illustrated how to ‘cut the pie’ to reward the owner and provide good incentives to those involved in growing the company.
  • Used financial modeling and strategy to set timelines for growth and an exit strategy for the owner.
  • Provided direction, insurance options and benefit planning for the company.
  • Became their outsource for bookkeeping, payroll, and financials. This freed up a key employee to focus on other important issues.
  • As Retirement Income Specialists we used our unique planning process to help the owner define what he personally wanted in retirement. We were also able to provide him several options regarding Social Security benefits that will maximize cash flow for his family when that time comes down the road.
  • We will continue to dialog to help him fine tune and address his business and personal goals.

Because we comprehensively approach the financial life of a business and the business owner the ACB Company is better protected, they are poised to take advantage of more opportunities for their employees and to strategically grow with an end in mind. The owner/CEO is also sleeping a little better. This is one reason CEO’s, and business owners (still working, retiring or retired) find our services immensely valuable.